God's greatest love story ever told

Steve's memorized, word-for-word* "story-telling" presentations of the Gospel of John help make Jesus' amazing miracles and message (of His love, the gift of eternal life, and more!) come alive to the ears of those who hear it!

Steve is available to make 20, 30, 45, 60 minute (or longer) face-to-face presentations to your small or large group. Click on CONTACT page.


Watch all the videos on this site (Click on "Videos by Chapter" link) to enjoy God's word in a fresh and new way. Steve's voice, tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions, are not God's word. They are only feeble attempts to bring God's word into focus. Please let the Word of God impact your heart. :)

*Steve tries to maintain a 90-95% accuracy of the translation that he uses in his memory work.

Steve Mahoney - Biblical Storyteller

ABOVE VIDEO: Nicodemus Story begins around 3:40 mark in video
This video above covers the Gospel of John Chapter 2:1-3:36
Jesus' 1st miracle + Nicodemus story (famous John 3:16 passage)