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God's greatest love story ever told

Steve Mahoney, is what some would call a biblical storyteller. He was first impacted by Jesus' love, kindness, and offer of eternal life at the age of twenty. Oh, to know the grace of God in Christ! :)


Through the years as Steve learned biblical truths and biblical stories from faithful bible teachers, he  found himself more and more naturally telling others about the "wonderful words of life," as the old hymn goes.

Later, in his fifties, Steve had a health scare which could have cost him his life. After 3 months of recovery, and out of appreciation for a spared life, he promised God that he would memorize and dramatize the Gospel of John. Through years of trusting God, and the blessing of much aid and wisdom from many others, Steve now happily and enthusiastically presents selected chapters and portions of the Gospel of John to individuals and groups, making Jesus' amazing miracles and message of eternal love and life come alive.


Steve Mahoney - Biblical Storyteller

ABOVE VIDEO: Clips from a live "dinner-theatre" type setting
Steve was given the title "Gospel of John Dude" by the creator/editor of the above video. It was a fun evening of  presenting John Chapters 1-6 with family and new friends.
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son
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