About Steve...

Steve Mahoney tells the Gospel of John from memory and in a storytelling fashion.

Scholars suggest that close to 90% of people in Jesus' day could not read or write, so this is an example of how people of the first century may have heard the Gospel of John told.


Steve tries to maintain close to 95% accuracy with the version of the text he is using. That version, the "Logos 21 Version" of the Gospel of John can be found online at: LivingWater.org.

Steve has been married to Diane for 42 years, has two grown, married sons, and loves to tell the stories of Jesus. Reach out to Steve on the "Contact" tab to request more information. He will make presentations for all kinds of audiences in just about any kind of venue; it could be in a back yard, a home, a church, or in a street fair. Be creative!

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A Sunday School, Youth Group, and main service are all places where the bible can come alive!


One of Steve's favorite places to tell this story is in a living room filled with listeners.


Steve can present the whole Gospel of John over a weekend retreat.

Street Fair

If your ministry has a location at a street fair, we can work wtih you to present to passerbys.


Schools, prisons, college campuses, nursing homes, one-on-one, and more.